NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Abalos, Michael AGS1001 - Public Affairs Assistant(623)
Adams, Christopher DGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Addy, Casey PGS-401 - Natural Resource Specialist(623)
Andersen, James VGS1170 - Realty Specialist (Lead)(623)
Bailey, Donna JGS0303-Admin Assistant(623)
Bezares, Sean NGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Bickauskas, Thomas VGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(623)
Birch, Kenneth CGS0455 - Lead Range Technician(928)
Bird, Steven WGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(623)
Blanchard, Cheryl LGS0193 - Archeologist(623)
Brooks, Robin BGS0455 - Range Technician (Dispatch)(602)
Cathelyn, Ryan WGS 1802 - Mission Support Tech(602)
Chavez, LeonelGS0455 - Range Technician(623)
Conner, Hillary AGS1170 - Reality Specialist(623)
Dreiling, Peter JGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(623)
Dunn, Nathan HGS0455 - Range Technician(623)
Eddy, David LGS1350 - Geologist(623)
Ewald, Paul MWG5716 - Maintenance Technician(623)
Felton, Andrea SGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(623)
Fernandez, Dean JGS0455 - Range Tech(623)
Ferreira, Sara EGS-0303 - Administrative Support Assistant(623)
Ferris, Thomas RGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(623)
Foreman, Penny JGS0301 - Planning & Environmental Coordinator(623)
Gilbert, Mary LGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(623)
Goodlow, JoAnnGS1170 - Realty Specialist(623)
Hawes, David RGS0340 - Hassayampa Field Office Manager(623)
Holden, James WGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(623)
Hone, James MGS0455 - Supervisory Range Tech. (Fire)(928)
Ingram, James SGS0303 - Planning and Environmental Assistant(623)
Jackson, Shawn MGS0455 - Lead Range Technician(623)
James, Amanda LGS0340 - Asst Field Office MgrMonument Manger(623)
Juarez, AntonioGS0455 - Range Tech (Fire)(623)
Keefe, Jason JGS0455 - Fire Helicopter Crew Supv(928)
Kender, Edward JGS - Field Office Manager(623)
Kouris, Antonio EGS- 303 Public Room Clerk(623)
Lanza, Mariano EGS0193 - Surface Protection Specialist(623)
Lausten, Bryan MGS0793 - Archaeologist(623)
Mahoney, Melinda AGS0025 - Park Ranger(623)
Mathis, Pamela AGS0135 - Public Affairs Specialist(623)
McLaughlin, Christopher JGS0193 - Archaeologist(623)
Meeks, Dallas RGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(623)
Mohan, Julia MarieGS0560 - Budget Analyst - Field Managers Staff Assistant(623)
Moore, Richard JGS1101 - Property & Procurement Tech(623)
Morrell, Deborah EGS0301 - Public Contact Lead(623)
Mueller, Fritz WGS0401 - Fire Operations Specialist(623)
Olson, BruceGS0455 - Range Technician Fire Fuels(623)
Parsons, Benedict AGS1170 - Realty Specialist(623)
Payan, Carlos AGS0499 - Fire Range Tech(623)
Peck, Todd LGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Philbin, Daniel JGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician - Engine Module Leader(623)
Plis, Matthew NGS0819 - Environmental Engineer(623)
Putnam, Patrick AGS0340 - Associate District Manager(623)
Pyles, Mary JGS0455 - Range Technician(623)
Rice, Michael JGS1350 - Geologist(623)
Robinson, Tyler GWG4749 - Maintenance Technician(623)
Sampson, Judd EGS-1350, Geologist(623)
Scarbrough, David LGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(623)
Seim, Richard LGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Shaver, Kenneth JGS0301 - Fire Prevention Specialist(623)
Silvers, Frederick RGS1802 - Interagency Center Manager(623)
Sitzmann, Paul RGS0499 - AFNM Wildlife Biologist / Student Trainee(623)
Skordinsky, Mary TGS0023 - Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner(623)
Sloan, Amos KGS0802 - Engineering Technician(623)
Smith, Jeffrey EGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Stevens, Lea CGS0303 - Fire Administrative Assistant(623)
Suminski, Toni RGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Thul, Eugene HRange Tech (Fire), GS-0455(623)
Tibbetts, Gloria AGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(623)
Webb, CharlesGS0401 - Center Manager(623)
Whitteaker, Jenna LGS1802 - Mission Support Technician(602)
Williams, Rob RGS0455 - Range Technician - Fire(623)