Sonoran Desert National Monument


The Sonoran Desert National Monument (SDNM) impromptu shooting range study is a partnership between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and ASK Haz Waste. This project is concerned with conserving the natural and cultural resource which is the SDNM. Technical services provided to the BLM centers around a preliminary assessment and site inspection (PA/SI), per CERCLA guidelines, on roughly 15 sites within the SDNM. The investigation is focused on the presence of heavy metals due to recreational target shooting within the park. ASK Haz Waste will be developing a work plan, health and saftey plan, and sampling analysis plan. These plans will aid in conducting feild work to collect samples for data analysis through XRF and trace metals analysis. This data will help with conducting a risk assessment and helping the team decide if further action needs to be taken. By conducting this PA/SI, ASK Haz Waste hopes to aid the BLM in the creation of more informed management practices.  





Matt Plis

Environmental Engineer

Phone: (623) 580-5518

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Dr. Bill Harris

AML/HAZMAT Program Lead

Phone: (602)-417-9348


Team Information

Kamran Khan


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Role: Project Lead / Engineer

Major: BS Environmental Engineering

Phone: (623) - 760 - 6565





Shane Klotzman


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Role: Engineer

Major: BS Environmental Engineering

Phone: (623) - 570 - 0649




Abdullah Ashkanani


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Role: Engineer

Major: BS Environmental Engineering

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Technical Advisor



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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 928-523-2051

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