Project Description
RAVA Fontus Engineering Inc. has the task of creating a mineral additive that will be placed in water bottles containing reverse osmosis (RO) water. This capstone project is aimed to increase the nutritional value of RO water. This project is one of many projects competing in the annual WERC (Waste-management Education and Research Consortium) Competition which will be held in Las Cruses, NM in April 2014.
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RAVA Fontus Engineering Inc.                        Last Updated: 4/25/14
The team would like to give special thanks to everyone that helped the team with this project. This project would not be possible without the efforts of Dr. Paul Gremillion, Dr. Bridget Bero, Derek Hansen, Dr. Terry Baxter, Benjamin Moan, and Dr. Pauline Entin.
RAVA Fontus Engineering Inc.                                                                                                Updated: 5/1/14
Pictured left to right: Alex Winkler, Vivianna Gamez Molina, Rebecca Wertz, and Ahmed Alqallaf.
Photo Credit: Rosa Molina
RAVA Fontus Engineering Inc.