Schultz Creek Restoration Project


The Schultz Creek restoration project was created with the intent to restore of lower Schultz Creek, near Highway 180 in Flagstaff, Arizona. There are three primary purposes for realigning the lower Schultz Creek channel section of interest:

● To restore the channel to its natural state by re-activating the floodplain and

● To realign the channel so seasonal runoff will enter the culvert straight on.

● To stabilize the channel banks around preexisting structures in the area, such as

The project site is located at 2900 N. Fort Valley Rd. in Flagstaff, AZ.

The location of the restoration site is also a known wildlife corridor through the adjacent Museum of Northern Arizona property. The project site is located on land belonging to three different parties: The Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA), American Conservation Experience (ACE), and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

Schultz Creek Restoration Client Contact

Matt Roberts, Director of ACE Arizona,

Larry Stevens, MNA

Project Team includes

Chris Janigo Picture Henry Ross Picture Sean Zimmerboy Picture Mikey Sowadski

From Left to Right,

Chris Janigo, Project Coordinator, Environmental Engineering Student,

Henry Ross, Hydraulic Engineer, Environmental Engineering Student,

Sean Zimmerman, Lead Analytical Processor, Environmental Engineering Student,

Mikey Sowadski, Lead Geotechnical Analist, Environmental Engineering Student,


Technical Advisor Dr. Willbert Odem PE, PhD.