Research Scope

The table below shows the scope of the research required to follow local, state, and federal laws dealing with a fragile ecosystem of Oak Creek.

Item Number



Item A: Research
Research that will be completed pertains to government agencies’ regulations per construction, safety, design requirements, and performance requirements. Adequate research insures the optimal design potential.


Army Corps:
The Army Corps of Engineers is a governing agency that deals with the hydrological and hydraulic nature of projects. Their manuals will be referenced for the following areas of interest:

  • Flood protection procedures
  • Sustainability and protection of the river (i.e. Oak Creek)
  • Ecological protection of the area


The Arizona Department of Quality (ADEQ) has declared Oak Creek a Unique Water Status. ADEQ regulations will need to be addressed in order for the agency to issue a permit. This is to insure the water quality of Oak Creek will be unharmed during and after any construction and or armoring of the existing structure. Their manuals will be referenced for the following:

  • Ecological protection procedures for Oak Creek River
  • Construction procedures while working along river
  • Methods for digging within Oak Creek River
  • Construction permits
  • Any possible earthwork (cut and fill) that will be required to improve or hinder flow
  • SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevent Plan)
  • Watershed description


Clean Water Act, Sections 404 and 401 will need to be addressed in order show that discharge of dredged and or fill material will be kept to acceptable levels.


Due to the project site’s close proximity to US-89A, certain procedures will have to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the construction crew. ADOT will be referenced for the following:

  • Construction phasing
  • Right-of-Way
  • Permits for construction vehicles to access crossing


ADOT will be used for traffic purposes that include the permission for construction vehicles to access the narrow crossing road, possible rerouting for traffic, right-of-way, and encroachment.


The EPA has numerous regulations in terms of the protection of streams and rivers within the US. 40 CFR part 232.1-232.3 will be referenced to discuss the moving of heavy materials in the river. The following will be referenced through the EPA:

  • Construction permits
  • Water maintenance
  • Any possible vegetation disturbance
  • CFRs (Code of Federal Regulations) relating to the project


Forest Service:
The Forest Service will be considered for the protection of the surrounding flora and fauna. Certain manuals that will be needed will address the following:

  • Construction procedures
  • Possible endangered species affected by construction
  • Prevent any unwanted interaction between construction and the surrounding environment
  • Maximum noise levels at certain times of the day
  • Allowable lightning for construction


Arizona Game and Fish:
The team will focus in the fishing regulations that affect the project. The types of fish present near the project site will need to be protected to an extent. The following topics will be addressed by Arizona Game and Fish manuals:

  • Protection of fauna
  • Allowed discharges in river
  • Construction procedures over the river
  • Endangered species present in area


Safety is the main concern for the project. Many precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of workers. The following procedures will be some of the precautions implemented:

  • Traffic barriers
  • Guardrails
  • Little to no exposure to any toxic chemicals
  • PPE for workers


Future safety protocols will be developed as the research process continues and other factors must be taken into consideration.