Impacts Scope

The table below shows the scope of the impacts and what long-term implications the project can have both politically and socially.


Item C: Impacts
Impacts of the project are taken into consideration for the benefit of the client and surrounding community to evaluate. The social and political impacts of the low water crossing are developed based on contractor interpretation.


Many political factors have to be accounted for within the project. The project itself is situated over an extremely important water channel that cannot be hampered with extensively. The community is adamant about having as few conflicts within the river, so the community’s wishes must be taken into consideration. Much animosity has been shown by the community when large projects are proposed in the area. This animosity should not be met with the size of the team’s project.


The protection of the river is one of the highest social impacts. Much of the tourism and economy is based off of Oak Creek River. Thus, it must not be affected extensively where it will be permanently disrupted. Oak Creek River plays a vital role for many of the businesses and State Parks in the area.


The environmental impacts on Oak Creek by the different designs are important considerations for the final design choices. The scour hole that affects the crossing downstream is an important factor that must be minimized to ensure the integrity of the new crossing design.