Exclusions Scope

The table below shows the scope of the exclusions. The following items were excluded from the project primarily due to time constraints.


Item E: Excluded
The following tasks are excluded due to outside contracting. These tasks are needed for the overall project’s life span, but will not be completed in this contract.


Geotechnical Engineering:
Geotechnical engineering services will not be provided by the team due to time constraints. Geotechnical tasks will be performed by an outside engineering firm in the future.


Traffic Control:
Traffic control will not be planned out by the team because of time constraints. This task will be done by an outside firm.


The technical structural components of the crossing will not be calculated by the team due to lack of time available and professional expertise. However, many things will be taken into consideration while designing the new crossing:

  • The self-weight of the crossing
  • The estimated dead load of the crossing
  • The anticipated live load applied to the crossing