Site Visit

The following photos show the first site visit the team made on September 18, 2013. The whole area was observed and any problem areas for the design were noted. Basic measurements of the current crossing were taken and all concerns from the community were heard.


The current crossing with its four visible culverts looking towards 89-A

Another view of the four culverts

The view of the culvert closest to 89-A. Due to the beach formed by deposits, this culvert receives the most flow

A view of Oak Creek and the turbulence generated from the beach formed near the crossing


A downstream view from the crossing. The concrete apron is visible in the lower part of the picture

Another view of the downstream portion of the crossing

Weight limit of the current crossing

The view of the crossing looking towards 89-A

Another view of the crossing from the 89-A side. The beach formed by Oak Creek can be easily seen on the left side

The road leading to the crossing which leads to 89-A