Final New Crossing - Three-Sided Bridge

The best new crossing choice, in the group's opinion, is the three-sided bridge. The three-sided bridge is the best option because it allows for the streambed to act as the fourth side of the crossing, it's aesthetically pleasing, and causes the least amount of disruption to the stream's natural flow pattern.

The schematic above shows the entire three-sided bridge with wingwalls on the side to direct the confluence of Oak Creek through the opening.

The schematic above shows the approximate dimensions of the three-sided bridge. The nine foot opening permits a large amount of flow to pass under the structure. The bottom of the structure is the natural stream bed of Oak Creek. The overall span of the three-sided bridge is forty feet.

Having the natural stream bed as the bottom of the structure will help minimize the scour hole affecting the current crossing downstream. Oak Creek will return to a more natural geomorphology around the structure's vicinity.