Residential Drop-Off Center at
Cinder Lake Landfill

The City of Flagstaff has requested the design for a Residential Drop-off Center located at the Cinder Lake Landfill. The purpose of the residential drop-off center is to eliminate the need for residents to dispose of their waste in the working face of the landfill.  Moreover the residential drop-off center will help the Cinder Lake Landfill staff to efficiently monitor and categorize the municipal solid waste.

The proposed Residential Drop-off Center will accept the following waste:

Project Team Members

Gerardo Terrell frank Jackie
PHOTO CRED: Brent Allman

From Left to Right:

Gerardo Gonzalez, Civil Engineer,

Terrell Dineyazhe, Civil Engineer,

Frank Parker, Civil Engineer,

Jacqueline Fischer, Civil Engineer,


Matt Morales, P.E.
Landfill Senior Project Manager
6770 East Landfill Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Technical Advisor

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David Monihan Jr., P.E., RLS
Project Manager/Senior Engineer
Shepard-Wesnitzer, Inc.
110 W. Dale Avenue, Suite #1
Flagstaff AZ, 86001