Who we are

The team is comprised of Enviromental Engineers Steven Tallas and Elwid Murbarack and Civil Engineers LeAnne Little and Dejan Dudich. Detailed information found on personnel page.


The project was to develop a plan for a 118 acre community park in the Town of Camp Verde Arizona. The project included the design of an entry roadway, grading and drainage plans, wastewater conveince, and irrigation plans.


The team is located at Northern Arizona University Flagstaff Arizona during the duration of this project.

Grading PLan

As per client request the first stage of the project was to develop a grading and drainage plan for the Community Park site.


Irrigation, drinking,
and waste water

This task is composed of irrigation, sewer, storm drains, potable water, and well drilling. There is no development on the site so our task would be to develop the best possible locations for each of the utilities.



A proposal of one-fifth a mile roadway design which is off of Highway 260 will contain the following perimeters: horizontal and vertical alignment subtasks, cross sections, roadside design concepts, and drainage systems.

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