Project Description

The NAU Challenge Course is located south of the Engineering Building on the NAU campus, off of South Huffer Lane.  The location of the challenge course is shown below in Figure 1 in the black circle (the image was taken before the challenge course was built).  The NAU Campus Recreations built the new Challenge Course in the Winter of 2011. A ropes course, along with several other activities, is already in place.  This leaves a small designated area available for placement of the proposed climbing wall.

The goal of the project is to design a climbing wall for the NAU Challenge Course.  The purpose of this wall is to improve the challenge course by adding another team building activity to the course.

Figure 1: Location of the NAU Challenge Course (Google Maps, 2012)

Client & Sponsors

NAU Campus Recreations ( - Client

NAU Construction Management Students and Faculty ( - Sponsor

Team Information



Kelsey Deckart - Structural Engineer

Civil Engineering Major - Email:






Austin Hopper - Project Manager

Civil Engineering Major - Email:






Stephanie Sarty - Materials Engineer

Civil Engineering Major - Email:



Photographer: Cready Smith

Technical Advisors

John Tigerthal - Technical Advisor - Email:

Thomas Nelson - Technical Advisor - Email:

Joshua Hewes - Capstone Professor - Email:

Wilbert Odem - Capstone Professor - Email: