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FUTS Bridge Site Layout

The Arizona Trail, the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, and the Educational Loop Trail all connect at one location where a small (15-feet wide) pedestrian bridge is currently located. Having recently widened the embankments of the Rio De Flag in this area due to the meandering stream conditions, the presently located bridge is too small for the system. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the current state of a larger (16-feet by 80-feet), donated Burlington Northern Santé Fe (BNSF) railway bridge to be placed in lieu of the existing wooden walkway.

Client Info.

Martin Ince

Multi-Modal Transporation Planner

Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization/City of Flagstaff

211 West Aspen Avenue

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

(928) 213 - 2685 office

(928) 310 - 6788 cell


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