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Wolf Engineering provides innovative solutions to large insustrial waste streams. We utilize a multidiciplinary approach to develop waste management solutions for tomorrow's waste streams. Conventionally large waste streams are deposited into either hazardous waste landfills or municipal solid waste landfills. It is our vision to recover and reuse these waste streams.

Cinder Lake Ladfill (CLL), in Flagsaff, Arizona, has requested an investigation into the milliing by-products produced by a local recycled paper plant. The purpose of the project is to increase CLL ’s understanding of the processes occurring inside their landfill, develop a cost-saving landfill cap based on paper pulp sludge (PPS) material, and successfully participate in the annual WERC competition.  The determination of the chemical and physical characteristics of PPS is required by CLL to understand the interactions of the material with leachate, waste, and gases inside the landfill.  Use of PPS in a final landfill cap system is sought to reduce the costs associated with disposing of excess material and installing a typical soil landfill cap.  Participation in the WERC competition will provide team members with valuable networking opportunities and provide exposure for research being conducted on behalf of CLL.


City of Flagstaff
Cinder Lake Landfill
Matt Morales P.E.
Landfill Senior Project Manager
6770 East Landfill Road
Flagstaff, AZ  86001

Paper Pulp Sludge Capstone Team

Amy Anderson
Environmental Enineering

Daniel Hamill
Environmental Engineering

John Jowers
Environmental Engineering

Nathaniel Lail
Environmental Engineering

Gabriel Murray
Environemtnal Engineering


Technical Advisors

Dr. Wilbert Odem

Dr.Paul Gremillion


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