Roatan, Honduras


Client name:               Dr. Paul Trotta

                                    2160 South Linmar Ct.

                                    Flagstaff,AZ  86001


                                    (928) 606-2519


Team name:                Roatan Engineering, Inc.

Team Members:         Arthur McWane Fairley

Cherise John

James Goudreau

Nicholas Lewandowski


Contact information:  Arthur Fairley

                                    2800 S. Highland Mesa Rd. 5-206

                                    Flagstaff, AZ 86001


                                    (205) 213-7388


From left: James Goudreau, Nicholas Lewandowski, Arthur McWane Fairley, Cherise John


Problem Description:

The purpose of this project is to provide a wastewater system to a group of 3 -5 houses in Policarpo, Honduras. Most of the community does not have any systems to manage the human waster produced on a daily basis. The design will be built for a cluster of houses and can be replicated throughout the community; in turn this will develop better sanitary conditions.  This will also provide an education component for the community in order to continue sanitary status in the community.

Final products:

The following deliverables are required to complete the wastewater system design.

1) Meeting notes from all the team meetings, for master project file

            2) Detailed maps showing water flow from AutoCAD/ArcGIS/Flowmaster

                        a) Vicinity map

                        b) Watershed map

                        c) Topography  map of selected site

            3) Geo-technical report

            4) Field Review Memorandum

            5) Description of constraints and conceptual design criteria

            6) Cost Estimate

            7) Decision matrix & Memo describing selection of preferred alternative

            8) Design drawing

            9) Operations and maintenance manual

            10) Design Report


Scope of work:

The following scope of service outlines the tasks required to complete a wastewater system design.

Task 1 - Project Management


            Consists of meetings with the client, the design team, and the technical advisor to provide insight, feedback, organization, and direction. Client meetings ensure everyone understands the purpose of the project and the client is satisfied.  The design team will have coordination meetings to organize notes and enforce design completion dates. Technical meetings will include the design team and the TA, this will help to ensure the team is on the right track.


Task 2 - Mapping and Surveying


            Maps will be produced from the data collected from previous trips to Roatán. The maps produced will have topographical information, vicinity information, and site location specific information.        


Task 3 - Geo-technical Study


            The design team will do necessary research for Geotechnical studies of the island with regard to soil conditions. This will include the soil hydraulic conductivity, direct shear, and expansion index.


Task 4 - Investigation of Current Wastewater Treatment Practices


            The design team will utilize data from previous trips to find the current conditions of wastewater systems in the community. This will be concluded in a “field review memorandum”.


Task 5 - Identify Conceptual Alternatives


            The design team will use any resources necessary to identify the site location, site specifics, ID constraints for the system, and develop conceptual alternatives for the system that will be installed in La Colonia.


Task 6 - Develop Alternatives


            The design team will develop a preliminary design of each conceptual alternative, which will include schematics and general configurations of the system. The team will produce cost estimates which will help in the final system design and installation. The design team will conduct analysis of the alternatives using a decision matrix, this will help in determining a final design. The team will then produce a detailed design of the final product for the community.


Task 7 - Operations and Upkeep Report


            The team will produce a list of operation and maintenance requirements. This will ensure the use and maintenance of the system that will be installed in the community.  This will ensure the design will be used properly and failure rates will be lowered.


Task 8 - Design Report


            The final design report will be compiled of all previous developed deliverables.