Design of a Covered Patio for Home Owner


Team Name:              JAK Engineering

Design Team:             Joe Blumberg              Katie Hein                   Ann Taylor



Client:                         Joshua Hewes, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor

 (928) 523-1478


Technical Advisor:    Thomas Nelson, M.S.

                                    (928) 526-6174 x12




Description: C:\Users\bnb\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\2C90101C\TeamPic.jpgFrom left: Katie Hein, Joe Blumberg, Ann Taylor


The purpose of this project is to design a covered patio that the owner/client will have access to from his home through the entire year. The covered patio will be an extension off of an existing home with an existing concrete patio at the rear of the residence.  With the current situation, snow accumulates along the back sliding glass door and over the existing patio, making it virtually useless through the winter months of the year. With a covered patio, the snow accumulation will be minimized and will provide an accessible area even in the winter.

The Design team will prepare the Covered Patio Structural Design including all plan sheets and calculations. The structural plans, prepared on CAD, will include a site plan with index, a foundation plan with foundation cross section details, a typical cross section, a framing plan with framing cross section details, a roof/truss layout plan, all architectural treatments, and an elevations plan.




The following Scope of Services is provided to describe the proposed work and associated deliverables necessary to accomplish the project goals.


Task 1: Project Management

The Project Management task summarizes the different means of collaboration and updating between the design team, client, and technical advisor throughout the progression of the project.


Task 2: Data Collection

The Data Collection Task outlines how the Design Team will acquire information on the existing structure, evaluate city building codes and regulations, and research materials and design loads.


Task 3: Engineering Design

Task three is for the Design Team to create several preliminary designs for the covered patio in order for the client to make the final decision on.


Task 4: Plans, Specifications, and Cost Estimate

Task four allows the Design Team to create and provide a set of Plans, Specification, and a Cost Estimate based on the client’s final decision.


The design team plans to provide a structurally sound covered patio which incorporates the clients design ideas; a covered patio that meets all building code requirements; a design that will meet the cost expectations of the client; a product that is aesthetically pleasing; and a structure that is completed within the time line expected. The design will include as many of the clients ideas as possible but structural integrity will take precedence.