Camp Verde Bridge Design

Client name: Ron Long, P.E., (928) 567-0534,

Team Name: Birtgerb AZ Ebgubeerubg

Names of Members and Contact Information: Dylan Brancato, Anna VanMeter, Alex Powers, Jeremy Beeson

         Dylan Brancato:

         Jeremy Beeson:

         Alex Powers:

         Anna Vanmeter:

From Left to Right: Alex Powers, Dylan Brancato, Anna VanMeter, Jeremy Beeson

Project Description

1.0           Project Understanding

1.1              Background Information

East Verde Lakes Drive is located in southeastern Camp Verde, AZ and is one of only two roadways that cross West Clear Creek to provide the residential community south of SR-260 with highway access. Annual flooding West Clear Creek causes closures of E. Verde Lakes Dr. which pose considerable threats to the local residents.


West Clear Creek is a perennial stream with braided characteristics in the vicinity of E. Verde Lakes Dr. Low flow periods for West Clear Creek extend from May to January, with an approximate average flow of 22 cfs. During low flow periods, the creek flow path is only a few feet wide at the E. Verde Lakes Dr. crossing. High flow periods for West Clear Creek extend from December to April with recorded peak flows as high as 24,800 cfs. Therefore, during high flow periods the stream width increases drastically to hundreds of feet. Despite large increases in flow, the high water levels are not the only reason E. Verde Lakes Dr. is overtopped.