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Project Abstract

The intersection at East Cedar Avenue, East Lockett Road, and North Fourth Street in Flagstaff, Arizona is misaligned.  The existing intersection is difficult to traverse and more importantly unsafe for drivers and pedestrians that utilize the intersection due to the misalignment.  The City of Flagstaff Traffic Section has requested an alternative analysis of the Cedar-Lockett-Fourth intersection to increase the capacity and safety of the intersection.  In addition, the City of Flagstaff has indicated a potential alternative analysis involving the installation of a roundabout.  DMN Consultants Inc. investigated the installation of a roundabout and will present a design concept report reflecting sixty percent of the final roundabout design.  The Design Concept Report consists of a traffic study conducted for morning, noon, and evening times, traffic flows calculated determining the roundaboutís horizontal geometry, determination of the roundaboutís inscribed circular diameter (ICD) based on the design vehicle, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, and signage and striping.