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Hydraulic Analysts
Document Assistant
Research Assistant
Project Manager
Contact Liaison
ACAD Technician
Meeting Coordinator
Document Design/ Assistant
Research Assistant

Text Box: Mr. O達rien, Project Manager for this project, has a history of strong leadership and organization that is imperative for the success of this project.  Mr. O達rien has worked in the State of Alaska for the Chugach Alaska Corporation (C.A.C.) on various projects.  Because of this relationship and experience with C.A.C., he will play a vital role in the accomplishment of this project.  In addition to these leadership abilities, he possesses working familiarity with Structural Design, including Reinforced Concrete Design, Mechanics of Materials, as well as Hydraulics, and Hydrological issues.  He has experience in various land development projects, as well as designing municipal storm water infrastructure.

Text Box: Jerry O達rien

Text Box:  Mr. Tallis is well acquainted with working in teams having spent four years in the United States Marine Corps.  Mr. Tallis has the engineering skills needed for this project.   Mr. Tallis is continuing to develop and advance those skills.  Mr. Tallis is familiar with indigenous infrastructure issues being a member of the Navajo tribe.  His past experience includes projects on the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Bridge West Approach, and a case study on Wild Cat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in Flagstaff, Arizona

Text Box: Ms. Ohira has developed technical skills such as spreadsheet development, as well as creativity through various projects on which she has worked.  Ms. Ohira has work experience in the Environmental Compliance Group at Micron Technology Inc.  This experience has allowed her to become familiar with Environmental regulations and to develop technical writing skills as well as data organization skills.  She is currently involved in an undergraduate research program on wind turbines, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  This Undergraduate Research program allows her to further develop engineering skills to include software such as a computer-aided design (CAD).

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Mr. Reindert Jan Visser is a student majoring in Dredging and Coastal Engineering from The Netherlands.  With 3.5 years of working experience in the Royal Dutch Airborne Brigade he is well acquainted with working in a team. The area where most of his expertise lays is Hydraulic engineering.

Text Box: Reindert Jan Visser

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