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Chugach Alaska Corporation (C.A.C.) currently obtains water from a nearby waterfall located on the north side of Constantine Bay.  The procedure of providing water to the Nuchek campsite currently involves the use of skiffs (small boats with an outboard motor).  The skiffs transport containers resembling agricultural water totes to contain the water, to the waterfalls location.  The actual process of obtaining the water from the waterfall is currently an unsafe and laborious responsibility.  Chugach Alaska Corp. would like to eliminate this laborious and unsafe procedure, allowing personnel to free up time for other responsibilities. 

             There are currently three wells which combined, provide approximately 100 gallons per minute at the Nuchek “Spirit Camp” location.  The quality of water from these wells is frequently poor due to high turbidity, and iron content.  The Chugach Alaska Corp. would like to be able to have clear potable water on tap at the campsite. 

A water collection and transport system will be designed for the camp site of Nuchek.  Water will be collected from the nearby waterfall and transported for approximately one mile.  The water will then be stored in underground storage tanks and used for potable purposes.  An on-site treatment facility will be integrated with the water storage system.



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