The goal of HWL Consulting is to work with the National Parks Service on determination and implementation of a design to remediate the NPS site known as the Walnut Canyon Boneyard.  To accomplish this task HWL will need to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. site visit
  2. determine site characteristics
  3. determination of all non-native debris, soils and plants
  4. site survey
  5. Develop a cost estimate.  Cost estimate is contingent on the final recommended wastewater treatment facility design.  The estimate will include material, labor, permit, subcontract, design and consultation costs.  Land purchase or right of way will not be considered since the project area is owned by the client..
  6. Project plans and specifications.  The final recommended design will include plans of the proposed facility and design specifications to be met by the regulatory agency(ies)
  7. develop plan for debris removal
  8. develop plan for plant life restoration
  9. Design Engineering and evaluations reports.  Engineering evaluations and reports will be submitted to the client at 30, 60, 90 and 100% percent completion.  The dates of the submittals will be determined after proposal acceptance.  Design evaluations will be conducted by Northern Arizona University Engineering Design professors and reports on the findings will be submitted by the design group.