The Walnut Canyon "Boneyard"

A CENE 486 Capstone Project

Walnut Canyon Home

National Park Service website with information concerning Walnut Canyon

The National Park Service desires a study be conducted of an area above Walnut Canyon that was used to store and dump various construction materials.  The study will determine remediation steps necessary to clean up the site according to EPA standards and compliance procedures.  The material at the site is believed to be of a non-hazardous nature.  Items identified in the area included logs, asphalt and concrete paving material, one large drum, rocks and wire fencing material.

HWL proposes to develop a remediation plan for the site including a mapping survey, determination of the constituents contained therein to determine proper disposal of the debris, developing a site grading plan and a strategy for reintroducing native plants to the area.

The National Parks Service has proposed a project that is designed to identify the current state of the site, develop a plan to guide restoration and provide cost estimates for restoration activities. The project is a planning document only.



Topo Map of the Boneyard




Remediation Design


Cost Analysis


Site Pictures