Northern Arizona University

Senior Capstone Project Spring 2006

Project Overview

The client Don Sluyk needs to gain access to his property on the east side of South Amberwood Street in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The client’s property is only accessible from South Amberwood Street.  A large ravine exists between the client’s proposed building envelope and Amberwood Street.  The options to provide access to the client’s property include a bridge or a large amount of fill with culverts.  The City of Flagstaff and the surveyor (Northland Exploration) proposed a 1000 cubic yards of fill for a 170 foot driveway, from the street to the building, this also includes a Corrugated Metal Pipe for a major runoff area. However, the client prefers an aesthetically pleasing design that incorporates a bridge.  Another option provided by the City of Flagstaff is to purchase an easement from the Resident to the west of Mr. Sluyk’s lot to avoid removing of the guardrail.  The Figure below shows that a fire hydrant would prevent this alternative from being feasible.

Project Summary

The removal of this fire hydrant is too expensive and complicated to be feasible. This prevents the purchase of an easement onto the neighbors driveway.