Cinder Lakes Landfill Stormwater Management System

Future Site for Main Channel

Future Site for Final Retention Basin

Project Description:
A stormwater management system is needed at the Cinder Lakes Landfill located north of Flagstaff.  The landfill is experiencing uncontrolled erosion on the slopes of the compacted lifts and unrestrained surface flow.  South Fork Engineering will develop a stormwater management system located on the problematic section (the northwest corner) capable of being adapted for other sections of the Cinder Lakes Landfill.  This project will include surveying, a hydrologic analysis, and a hydraulic design including detention ponds, retention ponds, lined channels, and burms.  These features must be designed for current and future development of the landfill.  An important project specification is the need for all surface flow to be maintained on site, without allowing any surface flow off the landfill property. From this design South Fork Engineering will develop preliminary construction plans and the final report.

Client: Ron Long, Cinder Lakes Landfill Project Manager

Faculty Advisor:  Paul Trotta Ph.D., P.E.