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Novel Wastewater Treatment at Walnut Canyon

[Cliff Dwelling]
Cliff Dwelling
Image Courtesy NPS
The Walnut Canyon Visitors' Center wastewater treatment facility is approaching capacity and, in order to continue servicing visitors and National Park Service employees, a new type of facility needs to be identified and designed. Since the wastewater treatment facility will be located near the Walnut Canyon National Monument, there are many environmental, archeological, and aesthetics constraints that must be met.

The project will consist of identifying a series of innovative, cost effective, and compact options for solving the wastewater treatment problems. The possible alternatives for collection and treatment of wastewater and the associated cost and complexity of operations, maintenance, and management of these alternatives will then be considered. The top three viable design options will be developed in enough detail to allow the client the make a decision as to which option will best serve the visitor centers' needs.

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Created February 2001